Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tech Buddies - Now available in classrooms near you! :)

Turuturu Tech Buddies are available for 
tech assistance in the classroom or ICT Suite!

They have recently been recapping:

* Logging onto SmartNet
* Using and saving on Publisher
*Uploading images
*Posting on Blogger
* Creating attractive headings using
* Using Comic Life

and next we will be learning about Podcasting (a great tool in the classroom, 
and a wonderful idea for showcasing teaching/learning on MyPortfolio!)

If you have a little difficulty with these programmes, 
would like to get any of these ideas running in your classroom or 
need some assistance doing so you may like to try using a Tech Buddy.

You'll find these great Turuturu Techno-kids in Rooms 1 and 13.

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