Blog Gadgets etc

JellyMuffin - Generate text (includes html code available to embed on blogs).

Pimp My Profile - Add graphics and generate text etc for your blog.

Widgetbox - Lots of widgets for on your blog.

Bigoo - Generate creative text for your blog (includes HTML codes to embed onto blog).  Words, headings, images.

ClockLink - provides the most widely used Web clock in the world.

LabPixies - A huge bank of great gadgets to put on your blog.

Textanim - Generate creative text for your blog.

Glitter Maker - Generate creative glittery text.

Cutest Blog on the Block - Backgrounds for your blog..

The Graffitti Creator - Generate graffitti style text.

Shelfari - Create a virtual bookshelf to embed onto your blog page.

Survey Monkey - Create a survey.

MyGen Audio Generator and MyGen Video Generator  - As long as you have a valid URL to any Video or Music file, you can use this generator to create the code necessary to put it on your profile! 

MyGen Glowing Text Generator

MyGen Image Filter Generator - Give your images a little bit extra with this generator. Now you can apply cool filters to all the images on your page. Want black and white, see-through, engraved/embossed, wavy or blurry images? No problem!